Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher

Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher
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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My wish for the pedagogy of singing

Art and technique can and should be looked upon and used by the Teacher of Singing in equal measure and in the clearest way possible in order to not incur in scientific absurdities on one extreme, misunderstandings in the best of the cases, and in mysticism at the opposite extreme.

Art and technique of Singing. The Singer's job is to use the voice to engender emotions. That of the Teacher is to help the pupil to use the voice. Let's leave the listener to feel the emotions and to the aesthete and the critic the job of telling us what's behind it - which if for them is at the foundation, for others could be only a retrospective invention.

Let's remain open to learn from each other, let's find the desire to communicate, let's not judge a priori and let's aim to a brighter future for The Art of Singing and for the Pedagogy of such a phenomenon.
May we start in 2011!

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