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Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher
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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I've never seen it snowing, like it did today, in North London!
For everyone else, particularly those who had to travel, this snow represented a bit issue... Not for us though!
In the morning, I brought the kid out for a family craft morning at the Church and it was already snowing heavily.. three hours later it was still snowing and we went out to play snowball to their greatest enjoyment!
When we came in, I made them some hot chocolate and then we had lunch together.
Later on, I pointed out of the window at some birds: the children realized the birds would have to face hardship in this climate, so we took some home-made bread, made it into small crumbles and went out again to leave it all over the garden (and on the roof of the house as well) for them to eat. I think the birds liked the present, and I noticed how the children were more serene and more cooperative than usual afterwards.
The thought that the act of giving and taking care of someone else makes always us feel good struck me once more. Life is a great thing not when you get, but when you give, in every field this principle applies equally.
I find this is true when I teach: it is not about me, it's about what I give to my pupils. And of course, the same is true when you sing.
Ahh, what a blessed day, today! I look out of the windows and marvel at how wonderfully quiet it is out there, all the trees, the garden and the houses covered in snow: a great landscape!
I'm sorry for those of you who were troubled by the snow, included my wife who went to work - coming back will be problematic, I know. But, for the three of us this is what Christmas is supposed to be like! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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