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Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Thoughts after reading the local newspaper...

I feel sad after reading my local newspaper.
I don't usually do it, following news. I am a believer of the impact of the News today on our thoughts, ideas, views and ultimately on our behavior.
But by chance I did, and had to notice -once again- that except one column, the others are all about bad news.
It gives you the impression that violence is everywhere.

1st: A school is considering the introduction of guards to curb antisocial behavior by pupils. They play truant and cause disruption to residents. Their unruly behavior (smoking, throwing litter, spraying graffiti, shoplifting and being sexually active) and complete disregard for the area is intimidating especially the more elderly or vulnerable people, who won't come out in their presence. I'd try to avoid that too..

2nd: a teenager has been attacked on the upper deck of a bus while coming back from college by two others teenager. First they mugged him and then hit him on the face with a bottle, repeatedly, leaving him with horrendous facial wounds. While this happened, all the passengers moved downstairs. None intervened. The criminals got away with this senseless attack.

3rd: a teenage girl on a Saturday night threatened a group of partygoers demanding money..

4th: two thugs gained entry in the flat of a vulnerable man and beat him severely... and got away with few months in prison.

Now, isn't it sad that only this facts are reported? How about the many good things around us?
Certainly this bad things happens, and they must be faced. Which is a waste for everybody... a waste for those who cause them, for those who suffer them, for those who try to sort them out, for those who try to prevent them, for those who report them, and for those who hear about them. It's a waste of time, of energy, of resources, of life force.

I want to share with you a thought... but family commitments call me back. I will put in on my next post.
Hei, I'm getting the hang of it...

May be all be blessed with your lives,

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