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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The simple things...

Simple things do make the difference.

A student of mine, 71 year old David - great voice, you wouldn't believe it at his age! - told me this story: some ten years ago, he had a problem with his eyes. They were always dry. So he went to be seen by a supposedly good specialist who said that there was nothing he could do, it was something related to David's aging and he could only try to alleviate the discomfort with artificial drops.

David remembered that, years before, his wife Lia was losing her hair.
They went to see a tricologist. The man asked if Lia was eating properly. She quickly answered yes. But David reported that his wife, busy running her saloon, often jumped her breakfast and at work she used to eat poorly, a bite of something between one job and another.
So the doctor, to make himself clear to Lia, used this parallel: "your body is like a car in a way, you have to put fuel in it. If you don't put enough of it, your body has to decide where to direct the available amount of nutrients. Of course, hair is not vital, like nails, so those are the first things that you'll see being cut off".

Powerful image, isn't it. She started eating more consciously, and the hair loss stopped.

Well, coming out of the expensive studio where he had just been seen, David remembered those powerful words the tricologist told them in the past, and started to think what could have been caused this dryness.
You guessed it! He realised his intake of liquid was near to zero, with him usually not drinking at all during the day. He started to drink more water, and his eyes got back to normal!

Busy as we are thinking of living our lives, too often we forget that we are what we eat and that our cells, in order to function well, need vital nutrients. Water is the first element they need. But our body needs good quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibres, good fats... every day... possibly with every meal!
The lack of these elements may not be evident in a day, or in a month, but everytime a cell reproduce itself, the new one will be a bad copy of the original and its vital capacity reduced, until something will go wrong in the system.
Be aware that 70% of the reasons that bring people to the doctor are a consequence of their diet!
Malnutrition is not only for those who haven't got enough to eat, in the Western world we are all likely to suffer from it given the style of life we lead and the kind of food available on our plates, refined and processed and ultimately deprived of their nutritional value.

If you are not using nutritional supplements yet, you'd better consider where and how you could be in years time. Medicines may ease the symptoms, but at the root of an incredible number of ailments is the lack of good, proper nutrition. And sometimes medicine arrives when it is too late. I've seen many examples of this sad reality.
Get yourself a better start. Use good quality supplements. Everyday.

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