Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher

Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The era of free information

A friend of mine, Steve, has often insisted that I made a video course. This idea always scares me. I know I could share great content, really helpful insights and make a positive contribution to beginners and professional alike... but the camera makes me feel unconfortable, and as I have never done anything like it I've kept finding reasons why not doing it.
Well, I think the problem is over. I have met this guy, Ian, who has done exactly what I would have done if had the drive and the commitment he has. He teaches the same technique that I teach, in much the same way. He must have read the same material that I have read, surely. And his English is better than mine for one sure point!! ;)
Seriously, it's really worth the time to watch his free videos and singing tips.

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