Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher

Yuri Sabatini Singing Teacher
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Monday, 23 May 2011

Blessed week for a father like me!

As from today, all is back to normal routine... but at the same time from now on nothing will be the same for me anymore.

My wife went on holiday in Florida, with her sister, for 8 days. Saturday to Sunday. It has been the first time I was alone with the children, now aged 6 and 3, and the first time for them their mum was away. Relatives and friends were quite worried it would have been difficult for me to juggle between the house chores, keeping them well fed, bringing them at school in time, teaching my students... and with the aggravation of having to sing for a private audience in concert on Thursday, even myself started to doubt I could manage to make it through... But instead of being a stressful period of my life, it has been the most intense, fun, rewarding and bonding experience the three of us ever had so far!

Even though I always helped my wife, it is different when she is not at home: you are in charge all the time, you have to organise their time to keep them entertained, doing shopping, prepare their meals, and so on... I must say that I felt blessed to be able to spend most of my waking time with them (and all of my sleeping time as at night they slept with me in my bed!).

I lived the life of a lone parent, and honestly enojoyed any minute of it. The weather has been magnificent and we played many adventures in the park. We played music together at the piano. Jonathan helped me in the house and the little one, Oscar, who usually prefers his mother company, came much nearer to me, hugging me and kissing me of his own initiative... and there's nothing more sweet than being cuddled by these lovely, affectionate boys.

I thought I was helping before, but my perspective has completely changed: now I just want to spend more time with them and it's an honour I wouldn't renounce for nothing in the world! :)

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